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Garden lights can really create a beautiful ambiance as well as practical illumination in your garden or outdoor areas. Check out our wide range of garden lights and ideas for creating a perfect lighting atmosphere in your garden.

Garden Lighting Features

Garden Lighting Ideas

Enjoy your garden at night-time as well just you enjoy it during the daytime. Read below some of our garden lighting ideas to enhance your garden.

The most important step to create the best lighting scheme in your garden is to choose the right lights. Now the question is what lights are right for your garden? When it comes to illuminate your garden, you’ll find many different types of lights that you can consider.

The first thing you should know before buying any type of light for your garden is to check whether that light comes with suitable IP rating. IP rating stands for ingress protection rating which determines the protection against water, dust, and solid intrusion. See the diagram to understand IP rating.

Find the most important areas of your outdoor space where you need the light such as pathway, front door or features in your garden which you want to highlight. Whether you would like to light up your trees, shrubs, flowers, or water fountain, divide your garden into different zones.

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are the perfect way to transform the look and ambiance of any indoor or outdoor setting. They are versatile and can be used anywhere around the home or garden. A timeless addition which increases the home appeal and add an iconic touch to a commercial project. Whether you want to use them in backyard of your home or in pubs, cafes or restaurants, festoon lights can set the mood.

Festoon lights comes in many different styles. At Lighting & Interiors, you’ll find low voltage festoon that needs a transformer and mains voltage festoon lights. Connectable that allows you to cover large areas of your home or business premises. Check out our gorgeous range of festoon lights.

Colour Changing Lights

Complement your garden and create a fun atmosphere in your garden or outdoor areas with colour changing lights. Colour plays a vital role in our life. Various light colours can be helpful in different positive ways. For example, red colour provides the feeling of warmth and energy. Yellow colour relieve nerves and stress. Green colour balances body and mind. Different colours offer different kind of feelings. Colour changing lights is a best way to set the mood and can be used to celebrate special events. Explore our range of colour changing lights.

Spike Lights

Spike lights also known as spike spots mounted on a long spike for an easy installation. They are not only perfect in providing a decorative look but also, they transform the entire feeling and ambiance of the garden. You can use spike lights to create a focus light onto your features such as bushes, trees and sculptures. We stock a wide range of spike lights made from high quality of material such as stainless steel and copper. View our spike lights in different colours and styles.

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are ideal to use to illuminate pathways and walkways. They provide ground level lighting which ensures safety at night. They also provide a bright soft lighting which is perfect to create a relaxing mood. You can setup the bollard lights in a straight line or stagger them to create a unique look. In addition, bollard lights manufactured with high quality material which makes them durable. Check out our bollard & path lights in various styles.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights provide the perfect ambiance in the garden or outdoor areas such as entrance, backyard, or patios. They are specifically designed to enhance the security and to brighten up featured areas of your garden. Add a stylish touch to your home and garden with our outdoor wall lights. At Lighting & Interiors, you’ll find a wide range of outdoor wall lights in modern and traditional style.

Coastal Lights

Coastal lights in nautical style for the homes which are located near the sea. Specifically designed in natural solid brass to make them corrosion proof and attractive. See our range of coastal lights.

Lamp Post Lights

Lamp post lights provides a nice spectrum of light in large areas and commonly used on street and gardens. They also provide safety by illuminating the landscape so that drivers or pedestrians find their way in the dark. Lamp post lights is a great security feature as well as offers decorative lighting in your garden. See our range of lamp post lights.

Pillar Lights

Pillar lights creates a beautiful ambiance in gardens or outdoor areas. They not only perfect in providing stylish look to your home but also provides security. As the name shows pillar lights, they commonly used on pillars but also, they can be use on the ground. Discover our range of pillar lights in various designs.

Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Outdoor ceiling lights is a great way to illuminate your garden or outdoor areas. They can be used in different ways and provide both atmospheric and functional lighting. For example, you can use outdoor ceiling light at the entrance of your house or in the balcony or use it in your garden house. Easy to install and provides extra safety. All our outdoor ceiling lights are waterproof and comes with suitable IP rating. Browse our range of outdoor ceiling lights.

Garden Lighting Features

Add some fun and decorate your garden with garden lighting features. They help you to create a unique design in your garden. You can also use them in your entrance or to light up your driveways. Use colour changing light bulbs to create a beautiful look in your garden. Explore our range of garden lighting features.

Decking Lights

Upgrade your outdoor space with decking lights. Perfect way to enhance the ambiance, security, and safety of your house. Moreover, decking lights are easy to install and makes your home more inviting for your guests. If you are looking to revive or revamp your deck, see our range of decking lights available in cool white, warm white and multi colour.

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