Check out our collection of children’s room lighting, designed to light up their world with warmth and wonder. Explore fun and functional lamps for kids that spark creativity and create a cosy feel for bedtime stories and playtime adventures.

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Buddy The Dachshund Table Lamp

SKU: FL089416
Buddy the Dachshund table lamp is a charming and whimsical addition to your home décor. It captures the essence of the beloved dachshund breed, combining functionality with adorable design.

Charles The Bear Table Lamp

SKU: FL089423
Charles the bear table lamp is an adventurous addition to your home décor that captures the courage and determination of the pilot bear. Did you know that Charles is a real hero? Charles was the first to cross the Atlantic from New York to Paris in a non-stop flight.

Eddie The Meerkat Table Lamp

SKU: FL089424
Eddie is a delightful table lamp that captures the curious nature of the beloved meerkat, blending functionality with adorable design. Eddie's happy face with the little funny button eyes and the grinning mouth is simply catchy that will immediately make you happy.

Fluffy The Alpaca Table Lamp

SKU: FL089425
A charming table lamp that captures the fluffy nature of the alpaca, blending functionality with adorable design. Fluffy has a cuddly fur and the cute pompoms on the lampshade, she is simply an eye-catcher.

Funky The Flamingo Floor Lamp

SKU: FL089419
Funky the Flamingo is an ultimate floor lamp to add a pop of fun and whimsy to your children's room. Funky is more than just a light source; it is a playful piece of décor that will instantly uplift the ambiance of any space.

Jumbo The Elephant Table Lamp

SKU: FL089426
Jumbo is a delightful table lamp that captures the majesty and charm of the beloved elephant, combines functionality with adorable design. Standing proudly on sturdy legs, Jumbo shows character and grace with its lifelike features and gentle look.

Luna The Unicorn Table Lamp

SKU: FL089417
Luna the unicorn table lamp, a magical addition to any tabletop or bedside is more that just a lamp. Luna is Twinkle's little sister and embodies the elegance of unicorns. She is a whimsical companion that will captivate the imagination of children and adults alike.

Meow The Cat Floor Lamp

SKU: FL089414
Meow the purr-fect cat floor lamp is an adorable light fixture that combines functionality with fun, bringing a touch of warmth to any space. Her cute and unique appearance just makes everyone smile.

Rocky The Raccoon Table Lamp

SKU: FL089422
Rocky is a delightful table lamp that captures the mischievous nature of the beloved raccoon, blending functionality with adorable design. Despite its muted colours, Rocky immediately catches the eye and attracts everyone's attention.

Scout The Hunting Dog Table Lamp

SKU: FL089420
Scout the hunting dog table lamp is inspired by the spirit of exploration and the noble tradition of hunting dogs. Scout is a loyal and adventurous companion for your home décor. He embodies strength, agility and unwavering loyalty.

Twinkle The Unicorn Floor Lamp

SKU: FL089415
Twinkle the unicorn is an enchanting floor lamp that brings a touch of magic to any room. Twinkle is Luna's big sister and has a wonderful appearance that will enchant you the first time you see it.

Whinny The Horse Table Lamp

SKU: FL089421
Whinny is a delightful table lamp that captures the beauty and grace of the beloved horse, blending functionality with adorable design. Whinny always looks forward to the evening when you turn on his lights and illuminate his stars, because then he is the star in the room.