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Check out our wide range of outdoor lighting for your garden oasis, porch retreat and driveway safety needs. Light up every corner of your outdoor haven. From pathway lights to wall lights, find the perfect lighting solution to upgrade your outside areas.

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Stainless Steel Lamp Post Light Black

SKU: FL064906
This stylish lamp post light in stainless steel and sleek black finish features a timeless lantern style head and a clear acrylic shade. It smoothly combines functionality with look to light up your pathways, driveways and garden areas. Note: Require E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Modern Outdoor Patio Floor Lamp

SKU: FL087900
This patio floor lamp is a perfect addition to enhance your garden or outdoor living space with modern style and practical light. It boasts a sleek design feature a crisp white shade paired with a bold black stem and base, adds a touch of elegance to any patio or garden.

Black Outdoor Rechargeable Lantern

SKU: FL089496
This outdoor rechargeable lantern in a sleek black finish is made to add elegance and practicality to your outdoor space. It comes complete with a built in 2.2W warm white LED that provides soft light. Its stylish black colour complements any outdoor décor, adds a touch of modern elegance.

White Outdoor Rechargeable Lantern

SKU: FL089497
This outdoor rechargeable lantern in a sleek white finish is made to light up your outdoor space with elegance and comfort. It comes complete with a built in 2.2W warm white LED that emits a cosy glow.

Box Head Post Bollard Light Black

SKU: FL087937
This box head post bollard light in black finish combines timeless design with durable material to light up your space with style and functionality. Note: Requires an E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Modern Outdoor Post Pillar Top Light

SKU: FL079291
This modern outdoor post pillar top light in graphite grey finish is made to enhance the look and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Note: Require an E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Stainless Steel Black Post Pillar Top Light

SKU: FL064905
This post pillar top light in stainless steel and black finish is made from aluminium to enhance the ambiance and functionality of your outdoor space. Note: Require an E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Outdoor Boxed Wall Light Black

SKU: SFL079290
Original price was: €194.95.Current price is: €175.45.
Outdoor boxed wall light black in a unique simplistic design with graphite grey, powder coated finish. Perfect fitting to illuminate your porch or patios. Note: Requires 6W E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Outdoor Boxed Wall Light with PIR Sensor

SKU: FL080949
Outdoor boxed wall light with PIR sensor features a unique simplistic design and graphite grey powder coated finish. Note: Requires 6W E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Modern Graphite Outdoor Wall Light

SKU: FL063979
A sleek minimalist box design outdoor wall light in modern powder coated graphite grey finish. Feature opal diffuser that provides a soft wide spread of light. Note: Require E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Brass Plated Outdoor Wall Light

SKU: FL087936
Outdoor wall light in brass plated finish made from high quality steel and glass. Feature box frame design in brass finish with clear glass panels that provide wide spread of light. Note: Require E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Matt Black Brass Outdoor Wall Light

SKU: FL087935
Outdoor wall light in lovely matt black finish complimented with brass back and clear glass panels. Made from high quality steel and glass. Note: Require E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Outdoor lighting benefits and ideas

Outside lights serves as more than just a practical necessity — it is a powerful tool to transform your outdoor space into a delightful environment.

Outdoor lights and garden lights Ireland

Outdoor lights for enhanced safety

Outdoor lights illuminate pathways, steps and entryways, reduces the risk of trips and falls in the dark. They also increase visibility around your property and make your outside areas safer for you, your family and guests.

Extended use of outside spaces

Enjoy your outside space well into the evening. Whether you are hosting a barbecue or reading in the garden, proper lights extends the usability of outdoor areas.

Improved aesthetics

Well placed lights can highlight features, landscape elements and focal points in your garden or outside area.

Increased property value

Thoughtfully designed lights adds curb appeal and enhances the overall value of your property. It can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and set it apart from nearby properties.


Available in a variety of styles, sizes and types, outdoor lights allows you to customise the design to suit your needs. From pathway lights to string lights to wall lamp fixtures, there are options to fit every exterior space.

Mood enhancement

Outdoor lighting can set the mood for different occasions. Soft, warm lights creates a cosy feel, while brighter lights are ideal for activities or to entertain the guests.

Energy efficient solution

Our lights feature energy efficient LED that reduces the energy consumption and lower utility bills. Solar powered lights harness the sun’s energy, offers an eco friendly solution.

Most popular outdoor lights

Some ideas for outdoor lighting

Outdoor lights not only enhances the beauty of your garden or outside areas but also adds safety, allows you to make the most of your exterior areas. Check out some ideas to help you create a beautiful design that transforms your outside space into a delightful retreat.

Plan your lighting design

Before you buy the lights, take the time to plan your lighting design. Consider the layout of your garden or outdoor space, the key features you want to highlight and the ambiance you wish to create. Sketch out a rough layout and identify areas where different types of lamps may be needed, such as pathways, patios, decks and landscape.

Layer your lights

Just like indoor lights, outdoor lights benefits from layers. Combine ambient, task and accent light to add depth and dimension to your outside space. For example, use festoon lights for ambient light, pathway lights for task light and spotlights to highlight features or focal points.

Garden and landscape lights

Use spotlights or uplights to showcase trees, shrubs and garden beds, add depth and drama to your landscape design.

Deck and patio lights

Combine deck lights, string lights or recessed lights to illuminate outdoor areas and create a warm aura to relax.

Pathway lights

Install path lights along walkways and driveways to guide guests safely to your door and add a beautiful touch to your landscape.

Choose the right fixtures

Select outdoor light fixtures that are not only look nice but also durable and weather resistant. Look for fixtures made from materials such as aluminium, stainless steel or brass that can withstand the elements. Additionally, consider the style of your home and outdoor décor when you choose fixtures to make sure a cohesive look.

Control your outside lights

Explore different control options for your outdoor lights to enhance comfort and flexibility. Consider timers, motion sensors or smart lights systems. Smart lights allows you to adjust brightness levels and even control your lamps remotely via smartphone apps. This not only adds comfort but also enhances security.

Highlight key features

Use the lights to highlight key features of your garden or outside space, such as landscape and water features. Experiment with different techniques, such as uplight, downlight and cross light to create dramatic effects.