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Satin Brass White Glass Pendant Light

SKU: FL087851
White glass pendant light with a metal tripod top in a satin brass finish that combines modern design with classic elements to enhance any space. The white glass shade emits a soft glow and create a warm ambiance wherever it is placed. Note: Requires an E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Single Pendant Light With Amber Glass

SKU: FL082724
This amber glass single pendant light is a beautiful addition that combines timeless design with modern elegance to enhance your home décor. Display Model Only Note: Requires E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Single Pendant Light With Smoked Glass

SKU: FL082728
This smoked glass single pendant light is a statement piece that smoothly combines elegance with modern charm, enhance the ambiance of any room. Note: Require E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Globe White Glass Pendant Light Chrome

SKU: FL086616
This pendant light in globe spherical design feature white glass shade with a chrome ring, designed to add a touch of elegance to any space. Note: Requires E27 LED light bulb (sold separately).

Modern Brass Ceiling Glass Pendant Light

SKU: FL086146
This ceiling glass pendant light in rich brass finish smoothly blends modern design with timeless elegance. It features a beautiful geometric design, complemented by six lollipop glass shades that creates a delightful focal point for any room in your home. Note: Requires 6 X G9 LED light bulbs (sold separately).

Opal Glass Gold Ceiling Light

SKU: FL080209
Gold ceiling light with opal glass lampshades in a contemporary design. Overhung in the form of five glass balls which are finished with golden elements. Note: Requires 5 X 40W SES candle LED light bulbs (sold separately).

LED Copper Pendant Light

SKU: SFL080363
Original price was: €775.00.Current price is: €387.50.
LED copper pendant light designed in unusual combination of smooth, shiny lines and geometric shapes. The shiny metal of this pendant light are filled from the inside with LED strips. Note: Come with 35W integrated LED light source. DISPLAY MODEL ONLY

Brass Twin Glass Shades Wall Light

SKU: FL086254
This wall light in timeless brass finish features twin glass globe shades that diffuse the light beautifully and casts a warm glow. With its easy to install design and durable construction, this wall light is built to last. Please note: Requires 2 X G9 LED light bulbs (sold separately).

Retro Chrome Metal Pendant Light

SKU: FL066045
Retro chrome metal pendant light in a silver, shiny design with a round, matte plate at the bottom of the lampshade. Illuminates the room with soft, diffused light. Note: Requires 60W LED light bulb (sold separately).