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Flower Art Deco Wall Mirror

SKU: FL088996
Inspired by a blossoming flower, this art deco wall mirror will add style to the living room with its bright light and distinctive look. Encased in a gold coating metal frame, creating a luxe aesthetic.

Round Bevelled Edge Mirror

SKU: FL080366
Round bevelled edge mirror designed with circles nestle together to form a rectangular decorative mirror. Perfect to use in hallway, bedroom or above a mantelpiece. This bevelled mirror is suitable for wall mounting either vertically or horizontally.

Rectangle Gold Fan Detail Mirror

SKU: SFL080605
A large mirror in rectangle shape surrounded with an art deco fan detail in gold leaf effect on glass. This rectangle mirror can be used both vertically and horizontally. Sit well in any modern or contemporary decor. DISPLAY MODEL ONLY

Four Square Art Deco Mirror

SKU: FL086031
Four square art deco mirror with 2 large and 2 small tilted squares joined by sleek pieces of mirrored glass. This wall mirror creates a striking design with its diamond shape and adds an attractive feature to your wall.

Stepped Art Deco Wall Mirror

SKU: FL086017
Art deco style wall mirror with stepped bevelled detailing to add a luxurious touch to your living space. This art deco mirror create a stunning appearance and suitable to use in living room, bedroom or in hallway above the console table.

Sunburst Art Deco Mirror

SKU: FL086226
Sunburst art deco mirror made from individual mirrored glass pieces that reflect beautiful lighting and creating a welcoming atmosphere in any home. This stylish art deco mirror is ideal to use in bedroom, hallway or dining room.

Brickwork Art Deco Mirror

SKU: FL086170
Brickwork art deco mirror for today's modern stylish homes. This art deco mirror is made from mirrored glass and then designed into a shape that looks like a section of a wall. Each mirrored brick glass piece catch the light, project it around the room.

Stepped Effect Art Deco Mirror

SKU: FL086033
Stepped effect art deco mirror in a diamond shape design that creates an interesting focal point to any home. Feature a layered look that comes out of each edge, making a bold style statement and suits well in a modern or traditional home setting.

Bevelled Glass Art Deco Mirror

SKU: FL087019
A contemporary style art deco mirror in circular sunburst design with bevelled glass edges for today's modern interior homes. Suitable to use in living room, bedroom, dining room or in hallway.

Rectanglular Art Deco Silver Mirror

SKU: FL086230
A unique art deco mirror in silver glass surround with four rectangular shape mirrors inside enhanced further by small decorative pieces. Provide a stunning appearance and suitable to use in bedroom, living room or in hallway.

Tall Slim Lines Art Deco Mirror

SKU: FL086048
A tall slim lines mirror feature elements of the classic art deco trend that is exceptionally popular. This art deco mirror lends itself to almost any home décor either contemporary or traditional.

Overmantle Fan Art Deco Mirror

SKU: FL086047
Overmantle fan art deco mirror made from centre mirror combined with strips of mirrored glass. This art deco mirror projects the light around the living space. Each side of the mirrored glass offering a sleek, clean lines.